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June 21, 2021

“I Thank God For Given Kurt To Ghana Football” – Alhaji Grusah

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Bank roller of Ghanaian Premier League side, Kumasi King Faisal Alhaji Grusah has thanked God for given the current GFA president, Kurt Okraku to Ghana Football due to his good performance after a year in office.

According to Alhaji Abdul Karim Grusah, COVID has affected Ghana Football but Kurt Okraku and his committee are working hard to rectify and normalise Ghana football again.

Kurt Okraku had one year in office as GFA president on 26th of October, 2020 after the position became vacant since June 2018.

Speaking to Virgin Total Sports host Isaac Ganyo Tamakloe on Virgin Tv, the Kumasi based club owner said,

“To assess their performance, I thank God for given them to us because of the good performance but I will like to advice them after their first year. They should know that if you are a king, it doesn’t means those that you are ruling are fools. Am speaking as a Muslim, if Kurt performs well, he will see it well. If he refuse to perform well he will not see it well and God will ask him on the judgment day ‘what did you do for Ghana Football when I appointed you as a president of the FA?’

“Kurt is on the right way. He is trying his best. I have even received 30 footballs last three days from the office of the GFA through their new partnership deal but we are expecting money because we were supposed to be given 15,000 US dollars but they gave us 10,000 out of it sometimes ago. They are forcing. They are all having a team. Kurt is having a team.

“We are praying that they won’t cheat us after their one year in office but they should continue the hard work.” He ended.

Source: Virgin Tv

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