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June 21, 2021

The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Will Be Worse – NPP Constituency Communication Director Tells NDC

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Mr. Alex Amoh

Mr. Alex Amoh

NPP communication director of Upper West Akim constituency, Mr. Alex Amoh has replied NDC for using ‘THE SECOND COMING’ as their campaign slogan after being spotted in the second position (No.2) on the ballot paper during the balloting for the various political parties to pick their positions to be on the ballot paper.

Few hours after the balloting on Tuesday, October 20, NDC began to use ‘THE SECOND COMING” as their slogan after picking the No.2 spot on the ballot paper. The second coming has been a sentence to remember that the son of God, Jesus Christ will be back after he died on the cross to save the world from inequities. Jesus Christ has said His second coming won’t be easy for the world as a result of judgement day since he is coming with anger and fire to destroy the world.

According to Mr, Alex Amoh of NPP, ‘THE SECOND COMING’ slogan even shows that NDC and John Dramani Mahama want to come back in power to destroy Ghana.

In an interview with Nana Mensah Aborompa on Virgin Tv evening news he stated, ”The second coming of Jesus Christ will be worse because he is coming with fire to destroy the world as it is in the bible. Jesus will not come with peace. This even should even tell you that the second coming of JM will be worse because they want to destroy Ghana. If NDC and John Mahama are going to use ‘THE SECOND COMING’ then I am telling Ghanains that the man is coming to destroy our properties. Jesus Christ is not coming to rectify anything again in this world. If John Mahama says ‘FREE SHS’ is 419 then he is coming for the second time to to destroy Ghana.” He claimed.


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