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June 21, 2021

We Won Upper West Akim Seat In 2016 But EC And NDC Cheated – NPP Chairman, Upper West Akim

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The Chairperson for the New Patriotic Party, Hon. Nana Addai Oboubu in the Upper West Akim constituency has revealed that the 2016 NPP parliamentary candidate who is now the current DCE for the constituency, Hon. Eugene Sackey won the 2016 parliamentary seat but the Electoral Commission of Ghana and the NDC party cheated to win the seat at the coalition center to win.

The Upper West Akim constituency parliamentary seat has been ruled by NDC since 1992 till now whilst NPP have never won the seat before.

Hon. Silas Mensah was the first MP who ruled the constituency for 16 years (from 1992 to 2008) and Hon. Sam Amankwanor also ruled for 8 years (from 2008 to 2016) whilst the incumbent MP, Hon. Derrick Ohene Assifo Bekoe is getting to the end his first term in parliament after winning the seat in 2016.

Records indicates that, NDC parliamentary candidate, Hon. Derrick Ohene Assifo Bekoe had 17, 091 votes representing 50.26 percent and NPP parliamentary candidate, Hon. Eugene Sackey also had 16, 661 votes representing 49.00 percent.

According to the chairperson of the New Patriotic Party in the Upper West Akim constituency, they won the seat but the Electoral Commission and the NDC party cheated to win.

“NDC did not win the seat in 2016 but they cheated to get it. The EC on that day declared that whether we like it or not NDC candidate is the winner of the seat which was unfair treatment to us so we took to it court.

“What shows that they won the seat? It was a propaganda and EC were obsequious to them if not I can say we were the winners.

“We won the Upper West Akim seat in 2016 but EC and NDC cheated.” Hon. Nana Addai Obuobu told Paa Kwasi Dimanche on Virgin Tv’s morning show ‘Virgin Morning’.

The picture below shows the votes.


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